80G Registration in Moradabad

80G Registration in Moradabad

80G Registration

Benefits of Registering 80G
As per section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, Tax deduction can be claimed for donations to various charitable organisations. Section 80G provides 50-100% exemption on contributions made to some government relief funds and 50% deduction up to 10% of income in case of some NGOs registered under the Income Tax Act. We will explain the different sub-limits.

●The Donor can Claim deduction from its taxable Income
● Attract donors to make a donation

Eligibility Points:
  • A. Charitable Trust, Society and Section 8 Company can seek registration u/s 12A and 80G to claim exemption under Income Tax Act’ 1961.
  • B. Not applicable to private or Family Trust.
  • C. Only Registered NGO can avail 12A and 80G Registration

  • 1. List of name, address and Pan details of the trustees/managers;
  • 2. A certified true copy of the instrument(registration certificate) under which the trust/institution was created/established;
  • 3. A certified true copy of the document like Trust deed/MOA and AOA.
  • 4. Copy of PAN card of NGO.