One Person Company Registration in Moradabad

Public Company Registration in Moradabad

One Person Company Registration in Moradabad

One Person Company – A one Person company can be incorporated under sec 2(62) of the Companies Act, 2013. As per this section One Person Company is a company which has only one person as a member. As per section 4 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013 the name of OPC must include the last word Private limited
An OPC is a new development in the corporate history in India. This form enables a sole proprietor or sole partner to convert his firm into a limited liability company and derive the advantage of an incorporated company.
Following types of OPC can be formed under section 3 (1) as:
a) A company limited by share; or
b) A company limited by guarantee; or
c) An Unlimited company

Note: Requirement to indicate name of other person nominated in the event of death of the subscriber to become member of OPC It has been provided in the memorandum of OPC the subscriber shall nominate and indicate the name of the other person, with his/her prior consent in the Form INC-3 who shall, in the event of the subscriber’s death or his incapacity to contract become the member of the OPC


Q1. Who can incorporate OPC?

Ans: Only a natural person, Indian citizen and resident in India can incorporate OPC.

Q2. What the Conditions are for member and nominee of OPC to incorporate an OPC?

Ans: Any Person Satisfying following 3 conditions:
1. Natural Person
2. An Indian Citizen
3. Resident in India

Q3. Can a company form OPC as its subsidiary?

Ans: No, only a natural person can incorporate OPC.

Q4. Can a person be a member of one or more OPC at same time?

Ans: No, a person cannot be a member of more than one OPC at a point of time and the said person shall not be a nominee of more than one OPC.

Q5. Can OPC be converted or incorporate under section 8 company?

Ans: No

Q6. Can OPC convert into any kind of company except section 8 company?

Ans: OPC can convert voluntarily into any kind of company unless two years have expired from the date of incorporation of OPC, except threshold limit (paid up capital) is increased beyond fifty lakh rupees or its average annual turnover during the relevant period exceeds two crore rupees.